Welcome my web school training.

After developing and over 100 different types of web properties in the commercial financing niche, I finally decided to convert this static web site into a dynamic site and to document the process as part of my web training course.

I will follow the same format here as I do in developing my financing sites. i begin with a series of questions:

We begin with the end results in mind. And we start this process by answering a questions. 

I’ve elected to create a dynamic site for this project rather than a static site . Here you can see the pros and cons of static and dynamic sites.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Clarifying and identifying our objective.

 What is the purpose of the site? The End Game!

  • To Generate Leads
  • To Establish Credibility- Yes
  • To Make Sells
  • To Establish Authority

What will be the online platform or Framework ?

  • Free Content –Yes
  • Paid Content – Yes
  • Membership Format –Yes

How Will The Content Be Delivered ?

  • Audio
  • Video
  • All of the above – Yes

These are the things you want establish before investing any time or resources into building any site. To simply things, I will began with a “Free Content” membership site with upgrade options.


Remember that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and all of the social media networks are all “FREE Membership” sites with upgrade or paid options. We will follow this same format for this site. 

One question remains: “How much time do I want to commit to maintaining the site once it’s live?  Very Little.
To do this I will create as much evergreen content  as much as possible.

Unlike my other projects, I can’t flip this site because it only has value to me. I can’t sell this domain duranteparks.com to anyone. This domain name only has value to me. The content has a value of it’s own but the domain name has basically no value to anyone except me. So I must give a lot of thought and consideration to evergreen content.

I have a tendency to get board with things and to simply walk away for them. To keep thing interesting, I will document the process and share what tools I use. My site visitors are encouraged to ask questions and post comments. That’s one of the purposes of a dynamic site, user involvement.  Or as my friend Jim says, users comments are basically free content and search engine food. This will keep me engaged in the process.   I’ll also use this site to test some different tools and strategies.

The Site Framework

I will be using a self hosted server for this site. I will use  wordpress as my platform because of it’s ease of use and numerous Free resources.
There are pros and cons associated with everything and WordPress is no exception.

3 Things I Don’t Like About WordPress.

Contrary to what many people say about how great WordPress is, there are a few things that I simply hate about WordPress .
Fortunately, WPress has a massive repository of FREE plugins to address my concerns, to this extra effort makes it worth using, and there’s a very active and knowledgeable community of WP experts should I have any questions or challenges. 

  1. Security Concerns:
    Wordpress is very vulnerable to malware and hacker attacks due to it’s popularity and login in access path. It’s important to use strong passwords, and to install some a good security plugin.  Here are a few security plugins that are available for free.

  2. Frequent updates.
    Granted that the updates are simple to do, and some are done automatically, WordPress still require manual updates on some plugins and themes. WordPress’s  core system requires occasional updates, maybe 3 per year. The themes have to be maintained and updated also. The plugins require updating when developers fix issues or adds new features.
    Maintain the latest updates is part of the security protocol. This is a good thing . Most static sites don’t require as many updates and WordPress does and are not as vulnerable to attacks. However, static sites they are not as interactive as WordPress sites are. Maintaining update of themes and plugins is a vital part of keeping your site secure. WordPress can be configured to do automatic updates if you are comfortable editing .php files. Here are the instructions for configuring automatic background updates. This is the plugin I will be using on this site to manage my updates. Easy Update Manager.

No Standard Theme and Plugin formats.
I discovered the hard way that there were no standard format for theme and plugins development.

WordPress is a FREE open source platform licensed under the GNU licensing policy.This is a double edge sword. It is good and it is bad.
This means anyone can use the core license to create any software, theme or plugin for wordpress
Even though WordPress has very clear coding standards, for themes and plugins that are placed in the WordPress Repository.

The Problem 

The problem I’ve experienced is that Developers who do not wish to comply with the established code standards are able to circumvent the standard by releasing their products on the open market and not listing them in the WordPress Repository. The problem is that these themes and plugins are marketed as the “latest and the greatest” tool but their product are very unstable, and vulnerable. Many marketers simply do no commit to maintain and developing their products. Their focus is simply to sell their product and not to develop and improve them. For the end user, can easily find themselves with a inferior product with serious security flaws. So be very cautious purchasing WSO and JV Zoo themes and plugins.

Always, check the WordPress repository before purchasing any new theme or plugin because the products have to meet certain standards before they can be listed in the WordPress Repository. Here are the wordpress developer guidelines.

If I developed a plugin or a theme and don’t care to follow the wordpress requirements I would simply market my product directly to the market and not list it in wordpress repository.
Items listed in the WordPress repository must meet some security and compliance standards to be listed. 

Example: Paid Membership Pro Lite is available free in the WP Repository here.
The Free plugin can be used to set up a membership web site. You get to use the product and decide if you want more of what it offers. 

The Free items in wordpress give you the opportunity to try before you buy and you have a lot of support and experts available in the wordpress community. There’s a degree of safety in getting products from the wordpress repositor.

The upgrade version is available as a fee based upgrade from their website. See the pricing here.

Reputable developers will make their products available in the repository and offer extended or additional features by offering a fee based upgrade.
Free is good but paid is much better.


     My WordPress Safe Guards

  1. Always use premium themes and plugins listed in the WordPress repository or that are from credible developers. It only takes one bad or poorly developed theme or plugin to crash your site.
  2. Avoid Plugins And Themes that are offered by marketers and affiliate marketers. Typically these applications are dangerous and often contain spyware and other dangerous infections. The next time you receive a email offering you a :new” hot plugin or theme, check to google the plugin name for reviews. REMEMBER: A lot of the reviews that are offered are by  marketers and are no very honest reviews. So remember this when inspecting reviews. 

      Let’s begin the site building process.