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There are many ways to contribute to WordPress.   Have you met my friends? By now, if you’ve read many of my posts about WordPress, you’ve likely been introduced to some of my friends, right? Carrie Dils – a WordPress developer who plays a mean guitar Rebecca Gill – a business owner who sells WordPress […]

How To Creating The Life You Want

Creating The Life You Want Can Be Very Difficult If: You Never Decide What You Really Want Don’t Believe You Can Have It .You aren’t aware of your ability to create things. All of the above are different forms of “Toxic Thinking” ! Why is it that a set of identical twins with equal educations, […]

WooCommerce vs Easy Digital Downloads

Some people will tell you that the simple answer is to always go withWooCommerce since: It’s really popular It’s has massive market share (37%) It does it all But I don’t think that tells the full story. Speaking of stories, have I mentioned that several times I’ve gone golfing with a single club – the 7 […]